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Dogs are known to be the best friend of man. Our veterinary team brings you all the health and nutrition advice for your dog. Boxer, Carlin or German shepherd, we enlighten you on the most common dog breeds. You will also find our tips for the education and the daily well-being of your animal. True companion of life, we help you to welcome it and to live happily every day. It is important to transmit to individuals the knowledge of the canine world. Many false ideas circulate and taint the quality of the man / dog relationship. Your relationship with your dog will improve with the understanding of his universe. Being able to put oneself in one's skin is useful for education and finding compromises between your desires and needs.

Adoption of a dog

Are you looking for a dog or a puppy to adopt? Do you want to visit an association or a shelter? The blog gives you some tips to help you. Do you want rhyming adoption and second chance? Yes, unfortunately, associations and homes are overwhelmed by the arrival of abandoned animals. Would you like to give a second chance to a dog victim of its first masters? Are you still hesitating? You do not know how to do it? No worries, this blog is here to talk about the adoption of an abandoned dog.

All Tips and tricks needed

Discover many tips to take care of your pet. Food, health and education tips, the blog team accompanies you in your daily life. Stroll through the various articles on dog education. They have a broad spectrum for a comprehensive understanding of the dog. They concern the dog world, its needs, dog behavior, and education in general but also subjects that surround education such as food, sports activities, games of intelligence, dog brain function...