The best brands for second hand stools

The best brand may not own you, and anyway, it may be better this year and not the next time, so better choose the one that is more adjustable by its age. If we talk about the second hands saddles, we have to read this text until the end.

Before choosing the best saddles

Before choosing, there are some guard line that you have to look for. The saddles have a various shape and are designed for different uses. The most important feature depends into all models that you can see on the marketplace that must provide comfort to the horse and rider. You can first choose the initiate saddle to begin. The saddle dressage designed to promote the links between the rider and his horse, the seat is rather wide and semi hollow. The obstacle saddle is designed to block the rider's knees to not exceed the level of the jump. The saddles of hiking are found by observing his thicker padding designed to distribute the weight of the rider for a better comfort of the horse. A mixed or versatile saddle adapts to all equestrian disciplines.

The best saddles in second hands

If you like the classic and all that is traditional style, it’s the antares saddles that is the leader on this model. Those saddles made with quality leather for recreational or competitive riding. Honestly a synthetic saddle could cash as much as a leather saddle. Not to mention the adaptation to the back of the horse. If we made some calculus to put 3,000 dollars on a leather saddle that own you ten years is better that purchasing a synthetic saddle on 1,500 dollars that will keep you two years. The best brands in the selection of this year are Antarès, Altair, Spooner, Delgrange, Devoucoux, CWD, Butet, Childéric and more others. They are not the very high range, but it is comfortable and very pretty.

Anyway, why debate on this subject because it is a question of preference? Everyone has the right to prefer what he wants.


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