How much water a horse can drink during this summer ?

Like humans, horses have a constant need for water. This can range between 25 and 75 liters per day depending on the climate, causing his ration, his conformation, physical activity which he performs as well as its water content. These are some points to consider at each change of season. In summer, for example, it is highly likely that your horse needs a maximum of water in a day. If he eats the grass, he will need about 10 to 20 liters of water above the grass already naturally contains a lot of water. If he lives in a box and feeds specially fodder or processed foods, it is essential to give it plenty of water. If he does not drink water, he may be a victim of colic. To find out, simply closer look its droppings.

Some things you can do

The horse does not drink dirty water, impure or unclean. There it is necessary to drink, like us, pure, clean water. If you give your horse drink in a bucket, you must clean it every day. The food will be given after him. This is also the case for the trays that you have to empty and wash at least every two weeks with the help of a special brush. If you think it has too much work, you also have the possibility to use these automatic waterers. It is your duty to always check your automatic waterers and see if the water flow is normal.

Some precautions

It is important that you take care of your horse as you take care of its fine used saddles. To do this, you must, for example, ensure that the sun has much heat the food before you do go out or to make an analysis by specialized professionals if you have a well. Note that this kind of analysis is not always expensive. The quality of water should be taken into account. If you use a network of water in your area, you will need to hire specialists to conduct tests.


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